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Fuel Injector Calculator is an engine specifications calculator for Windows
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Fuel Injector Calculator is an engine specifications calculator for Windows. The main use for this application is to find the appropriate size of an electronic injector for your vehicle. To arrive at such a conclusion, the program needs at least two inputs; that is to say, two different specifications from your vehicle. If you give Fuel Injector Calculator your engine's peak horse power and the number of cylinder, it will return an estimate on the size (not only physical, but also capacity, cycle, etc) of the fuel injector you need.

The free version limits your inputs considerably, and even most basic options are not enabled. Still, you can get a rough estimate of what you need. Just like any other application which uses equations to calculate factors and requirements, you can probably find other useful information by looking at the values on the screen. Although this program is targeted at experienced users, every text field that you can use has a little explanation for you to know what is being asked. There is a warning screen that notes that the developer gathered equations from several sources and that the data returned might not be 100% accurate.

José Fernández
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  • Lots of inputs and outputs (in the registered version)
  • Everything has tips that help to know where to look


  • The free demo is too limited
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